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Beating Lice in 12 Easy Steps

Battling with the lice menace is a rite of passage, at least for most people. If you haven’t encountered it at first hand, you probably have a loved one scratching their heads furiously. What’s worse, is you have probably been trying to get rid of the lice with no success for the longest time. So, what do you do?

Determine if you have lice

You’ve probably been scratching through your scalp lately, but this doesn’t mean that you have lice. However, if you do find a dead or live nit or louse on your comb, clothing or scalp, you are definitely dealing with a louse problem.

Stay composed

Affirming that you are dealing with a louse problem could easily trigger panic modes. It’s quite unnecessary as the bugs aren’t depriving your health. Stay composed; you will handle the problem just fine.

Don’t beat yourself

Lice don’t mean that you have a dirty or filthy scalp. The bugs like the comfort of some warmth and moist environment that the human scalp freely gives. While most sites will misinform you and point you to the direction of making rushed decisions, the lice problem isn’t much of a big deal.

Prepare for the mission

Lice are hard to contain due to their ability to move quickly. You might want to beat them by limiting their mobility. Equip yourself with the necessary techniques and tools while monitoring the lice for about eight days. Eight days is all adult lice need to hatch and lay eggs.

How do you want to contain the problem?

Research has a lot to offer when trying to kill lice. Some may suggest lice killing shampoo, conditioners, olive oil, and mayonnaise among many others. Find a product that is easily accessible, affordable, safe, and one that you aren’t allergic to. Be sure to research the best product for your hair and scalp. You could retrieve this information from a head lice removal clinic.

Destroy the lice

You could kill the lice through heat, suffocation, and eradicating the warm and moist conditions. Your product of choice should offer any of the remedies to kill the lice. Partition your hair into tiny sections while applying your preferred product. With every comb, discard the residue into a plastic bag. Let the product sit in your hair for a few minutes before washing.

Give it time

Depending on the severity of lice infestation, consider repeating the dis-infection process for two consecutive days. This should ensure that you have smothered every surviving louse or not.

Trace a nitpicker

You might want the eyes and confirmation of another person. Ask a close friend to browse through your scalp while looking for nits. Some salons treat lice and could help you specifically with looking for nits.

Repeat the process

After eight days that should give the remaining surviving adult lice enough time to lay eggs, hatch and develop, repeat the disinfecting process. This should finish off the youngest lice and nits.

Find a nitpicker again

Confirm if your second round of dis-contamination was thorough. A third party nitpicker should help you trace the possibility of live nits and lice on your head.


Continue combing thoroughly for the next few weeks to affirm that your hair is free from lice.


Your next job after beating lice is ensuring that you do no get a re-infestation. Pay attention to contact made with other people and places that you could pick up lice. You could apply the lice preventive products to kill off any chances of lice infestation.

There you have it! Twelve effective steps to help you live a lice-free life. At Lice Lifters Harrisburg, we offer the best solutions to beating lice for once and for all. Contact us at our lice treatment center for the best services.

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