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Can Lice Survive the Cold Winter

Can Lice Survive the Cold Winter?

There are few bright spots to Pennsylvania winters, but one of them would be that there are fewer insects around. This applies mostly to outdoor bugs, however. Plenty that thrive indoors are still around including head lice. As a parent in Cumberland County, you might have thought that head lice infestations might not be a concern in the winter months, but you’d be wrong.

Lice thrive under the hair on your head while feeding off the blood under your scalp. As long as they’re there, they don’t need to be concerned about what the temperature is outside. Your kids are more prone to get head lice than you are since they’re seemingly constantly in contact with other children, and you can’t tell which ones might have lice.

How to Handle the Problem of Head Lice

It’s easy enough to Google what head lice and their eggs, called nits, look like. If you think you see any of them on your child’s head, it can be difficult to know what to do. You may see products on store shelves that say they get rid of lice, but the toxins in these have been used over so many years that most lice have become immune to them.

Your best chance at effective lice removal is to find a lice treatment center. When you have a broken pipe, you call a plumber, and when you have a bad tooth, you go to the dentist. Similarly, a lice removal service offers the professional solution to the annoying problem of head lice. When you’re searching for places that get rid of lice, be sure to check out Lice Lifters of Harrisburg.

A Fast and Effective Lice Removal Service

At Lice Lifters, our friendly lice removal technicians know everything there is to know about removing this problem from your head and from any of your infested family members. The first step is to confirm the presence of lice with a head check, and if they’re there, we do a comb-out to remove any lice and their nits. This is followed by us applying a completely safe and natural killing agent that’s 99.9 percent effective at killing lice and nits.

When you suspect a family member has lice, don’t let them suffer through the itching and discomfort of these little pests. At Lice Lifters of Harrisburg, we can treat all of your infested family members at once, and they’ll all be lice free after a single visit to our lice treatment center. Head lice may be able to survive the winter, but they won’t survive Lice Lifters, so give us a call or stop by our Harrisburg lice treatment center, and we’ll handle this problem for you and your kids quickly, effectively and affordably.

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