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Caring For Camps

Lice Lifters® Summer Camp Education and Lice Detection Program

Our Lice Lifters® professional lice removal team is pleased to be an established presence in the Harrisburg healthcare community. Salon-based lice removal service is our flagship specialty. We take great pride in offering safe, natural treatment options that succeed when many over-the-counter lice removal preparations fail. As we successfully remove head lice, we’ll treat you to premium-level customer support.

Community Outreach

Through the years, we’ve recognized and responded to high-need areas in the Dauphin County area. Schools and homeschooling groups are still one of our top community priorities. As a result, we send professional lice removal technicians into homeschool association meetings and local schools to screen students and staff for head lice. At Lice Lifters®, we believe detection and removal is only part of the head lice treatment equation. As a result, we provide comprehensive lice education programs that focus on prevention. Our goal is to empower and equip parents, teachers, and other community members through successful lice treatment.

Summer Camp Services

While school-based and homeschool-sponsored programs are making a difference in the community, head lice infestations occur throughout the year. To help keep lice out of your hair during the summer months, we’ve developed the “Caring for Camps” outreach initiative. “Caring for Camps” carries our message of lice prevention and treatment to summer camp staff, volunteers, and other camp community members. During these innovative sessions, professional lice removal technicians screen campers and staff for head lice. If you operate a camp program, our informative sessions possibly provide you with early detection and reduced lice infestation rates. Hosting one of our outreach meetings also helps you extend peace of mind to the parents who faithfully entrust their children to your care.

When you contact us, we’ll gladly send our team to educate and examine your camping community. Staff and campers alike can learn about head lice prevention and treatment. Remember, summer camps give children even more hours of close contact than home school coop and school settings. Take a moment to schedule a one or two-hour Lice Lifters® presentation and help families possibly avoid the need for extensive post-camp treatment.

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