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Don't Let Lice Crash Your Holiday Gathering

Don’t Let Lice Crash Your Holiday Gathering

You may never know who brought lice to the holiday party this year. However, it’s important to know the correct way to get rid of lice once an itchy scalp leaves you about as cheerful as Ebenezer Scrooge. The truth is that holiday season 2021 is going to be the comeback season for lice. Lice infestations trended downward during the pandemic due to social distancing. While distance kept lice away, the joyful reunions that many families are having while gathering for the first time in a long time this holiday season are opening the door for a “return to normalcy” for lice infestations. Here’s what Dauphin County residents throughout Lemoyne, Berrysburg, Hummelstown, Highspire, Halifax, Wiconisco, Pillow and more need to need!(what do you mean to say

Why Lice Are Making a Big Comeback for the 2021 Holiday Season

While lice aren’t on anybody’s wish list, an infestation is the gift that many people will be leaving holiday gatherings with this year. The stage is set for lice to make a big comeback this year after infestation rates dipped dramatically during COVID-19. Social distancing helped to keep lice at bay for nearly two years. However, lice are poised to bounce back now that people are getting together for the holidays again. Lice are even getting a special advantage this year due to the fact that nobody is thinking of them!

Many people are paying close attention to any potential signs of symptoms of illness before meeting up with friends and family for some holiday cheer. While they may be looking for a tingly throat, coughing, sneezing and fever, the one thing nobody is paying any attention to is an itchy scalp. In fact, it’s all too easy to chalk an itchy scalp up to the fact that the air turns colder and drier this time of year.

How You’re Most Likely to Catch Lice This Holiday Season

The most common way to get lice is through head-to-head transmission. In fact, this is how lice is spread 90% of the time. While less common, second-hand lice transmission is also possible. This happens when you use something like a hat, pillow, scarf or brush that was previously used by someone carrying lice. Lice can survive on plush surfaces for approximately two days before dying. Here are the common ways that lice can spread during holiday gatherings.

  • When you hug your loved ones.
  • When you stand over the oven cooking with family members.
  • When you snuggle up to play board games.
  • When huddling under a throw blanket to watch a movie.
  • When you share bedding.
  • When you squeeze in for a selfie.
  • When you lean in to watch videos on a screen.
  • When you brush up against someone in a crowded room.

It takes just seconds for a louse to transfer from one person to the other! If you’re close enough for your hair to touch another person’s hair, you’re close enough to get lice. There’s a misconception that only kids can get lice. The reality is that anyone can get lice. In fact, many adults dismiss itchiness because they assume that it can’t be lice because adults can’t get lice. That means they’re bringing lice to the holiday gathering this year without thinking twice!

How Serious Is a Lice Infestation? What Do You Do When You Have Lice?

Getting lice is never a good thing. Who really wants to advertise that they’re covered in wingless parasites? However, an infestation is not a major health threat. The real danger rests in not getting lice properly treated right away.

A lice infestation can become a big deal if you get to the point where the itchiness is causing you to scratch insistently at your scalp. This often creates wounds and sores. Scratch-induced sores that are opened up can easily become infected every time your fingernails come into contact with them.

Don’t panic if you’re itching after the holidays. Treating lice is easy. You just have to avoid the trap of rushing to the drugstore for over-the-counter lice treatments that don’t work. The lice remedies sold at stores actually contain pesticides. What people who purchase these products don’t realize is that they don’t work because lice have grown resistant to the pesticides used in them. Homegrown remedies like essential oils and ointments also don’t work. While the idea of suffocating lice in these thick oils sounds promising, the reality of lice is that they can hold their breath for eight hours while you do your worst. They’ll actually resume breathing function the moment an oil reaches core body temperature. Unfortunately, this keeps you trapped in a lice cycle.

What does work for lice? Come see us at Lice Lifters Treatment Centers in Dauphin County if your cup of cheer came with a side of lice this year! Lice Lifters offers quick one-time treatments that get rid of lice. If you’re concerned about lice finding their way into your household this year, take a look at some holiday-season tips for reducing lice exposure:

  • Planning the annual cousin sleepover? Limit head-to-head contact by having the cousins sleep in separate beds.
  • Tie your hair into ponytails, buns and braids to make it harder for lice to climb on your head.
  • Avoid sharing coats, hats, scarves, earmuffs and gloves.

Preventative lice measures are also recommended if you’ll be gathering with family members for the holidays. We recommended using deterrents like Lice Lifters Mint Detangler Spray, Mint Deterrent Shampoo and Mint Deterrent Conditioner. These lice-busting products can be purchased from Amazon, Walmart or your local Lice Lifters Treatment Center in Lemoyne, PA.

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