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School Support

Head Lice and Support for Local Schools in Harrisburg

Lice Lifters Offers a Free Educational Program About the Prevention and Treatment of Lice

Head lice are in no way a joke or an exaggeration. They’re pesky insects that affect countless people the globe over on a yearly basis.
They’re especially typical sights on kids’ scalps. That’s the reason they’re such big epidemics in schools. If you want to stop lice from taking over your school and all of its students, then you should look straight at LiceLifters right now. LiceLifters offers a thorough detection program for head lice. Educating the general public about head lice and how it functions is a way of life for the LiceLifters team.

What You Need To Know

Highlights of Our Program

These programs have durations of half an hour. That’s why they don’t lead to the need for substantial time commitments. They come with detail-oriented demonstrations that can help people who want to learn in more “visual” ways. All guests who take part in these programs can feel lucky because they’re all given brochures. These brochures include all sorts of details that can come in handy for people who feel nervous about the possibility of having head lice.

Early Detection Is Key

Educational programs can also aid parents who have kids in school. They can aid parents who want peace of mind. Learning about prevention can be priceless for parents who always stay up at night thinking about head lice and their hazards. Learning about how to identify head lice initially can be just as priceless. Detection is a significant component of the educational program.

Lice Lifter Programs Are Complimentary

The programs that are set up by LiceLifter are complimentary. That’s why parents do not have to ponder setting aside money for them. These programs can also come in handy for schools that routinely welcome speakers to take part in all sorts of big events. People should check with school PTO, PTA and HSA members for confirmation purposes.

Learn How to Perform Thorough Head Checks

Why exactly is head lice education such a huge deal? It’s a big deal due to the fact that it can teach people exactly how to perform thorough head checks. It can teach them how to stop head lice before they even get the chance to show up on scalps. It’s vital for school team members to be aware of how to assess individuals for head lice. They need to emulate practices that are associated with capable technicians. Contact us at LiceLifters at any time for more about our education programs. Reserve a speaker who can show up at your future school event.

Licelifters® Detection and Education Program

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