How You Get Head Lice

How you get head lice

  • More than 90% of lice comes from head to head contact with an infested person (hair touching hair)
  • Sharing personal items like brushes or hair accessories
  • Children working together in small spaces where heads touch
  • Sharing a batting or safety helmet
  • Hugs (don’t give up hugging, just be proactive)
  • Cloth seats in the movie theater, on a bus, train, or plane (unlikely though)
  • Sharing dress up clothes, hats or hooded sweatshirts
  • Lying on someone’s bed who has lice
  • Trying on clothes in stores

* All the above ways to get lice must be in conjunction with an infested person. Most lice cases come from head to head contact

** Less than 10% of lice are from the environment

See Prevention tips to learn how to prevent lice!

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