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Natural Ways to Get Rid of Lice

Natural Ways to Get Rid of Lice

If you’ve experienced a head lice infestation, you know it’s not something you’d ever want to go through again. Trying to figure out what to do about the problem can be as frustrating as the lice themselves. Sometimes, your whole family can get a head lice infestation, and with so many miserable people under one roof, it becomes all the more imperative to find an effective remedy.

Conventional Lice Remedies

If you’re like many parents in this situation, the first thing you’ll do is run out to the store and get an off-the-shelf lice shampoo. These have pesticides in them that are toxic to lice. Well, let’s issue a slight correction there. These pesticides are supposed to be toxic to lice. The problem is that they’ve been used for so many years that many head lice have developed resistance to them. If you’ve been applying multiple treatments over a period of weeks with products that include ingredients such as pyrethrin and pyrethroid, this is why the problem is persisting. Also, these ingredients are toxic, so repeated treatments may not be doing your kids much good either.

Natural Head Lice Remedies

When over-the-counter products fail to rectify the situation, this is when many people search the internet for home remedies. Some of these involve the application of heat using a hair dryer to dry out the adult lice as well as their nits, which is what the eggs are called. Yet other remedies rely on using a nit comb to pick the nits off the base of hair follicles where they cling. Many ardent home remedy advocates recommend suffocating them by applying mayonnaise or olive oil to the hair and scalp overnight. Finally, to help ensure the job is done, some folks recommend all of these techniques be used together.

If you use the olive oil remedy, you should coat your infested child’s scalp and hair with the oil before bedtime, and then cover their head with saran wrap and then a shower cap to keep it on the hair and so it doesn’t stain their sheets or pillowcase. As with the over-the-counter remedies, however, olive oil only suffocates already hatched lice, so you have to apply this treatment every four days for a couple of weeks to ensure you catch all newly hatched lice.

A Professional, Natural Remedy

If you like the idea of an all-natural approach but aren’t very adventurous when it comes to do-it-yourself treatments or perhaps you just don’t have the time to handle it yourself, there is an alternative. Right across the Susquehanna River from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, you’ll find Lice Lifters of Harrisburg lice removal & treatment center. Our professional lice salon is expert at detecting and treating head lice, and we’ll do so using proven safe, non-toxic and all-natural products and methods.

You Just Want the Lice Gone

As a parent, you have enough frustrations in your life involving your kids, so you probably just want a quick and effective solution whenever head lice rear their ugly little heads on the heads of your little ones. If lice prevention has failed and you have the time and patience, natural home remedies can work with persistence. However, if you want a professional solution that guarantees to handle the problem on all your infested family members in a single trip, realize that this option does exist. At a minimum, even if you’re willing to rid your kids of lice at home, it’ll be hard to use a lice comb on your own head, so you may at least want to make an appointment for yourself.

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