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At Lice Lifters of Harrisburg, we realize that you have a lot of issues you have to face as a parent. Worrying about your children is a full-time job. Whether it’s over their grades or friends or some other aspect of their lives, the concern never seems to end. We want you to know that we are here for parents to alleviate any worry or stress about the one issue of head lice treatment.


The Problem with Head Lice

The problem with head lice is they are small, parasitic insects that feed on blood under the scalp. Because of this, they live in the hair near the scalp. Their eggs, known as nits, are secured near the root of hair by a natural, glue-like substance, which makes them hard to remove. The live lice are easily spread through head-to-head contact and can also be spread by sharing headgear such as hats with an infested person. Of the 12 million cases of lice infestation that are estimated to occur each year in the United States, many of these are children. Due to after-school sports, playing during recess and playing around with friends in general, kids are more likely to spread lice amongst themselves.

Benefits of LIce Lifters Head Lice Treatment Centers:

  • Safe, effective and guaranteed
  • Lice Lifters use the Lice Lifters all-natural killing agent
  • Lice Lifters Solution kills 99.9% of live activity
  • Mobile services don’t use a killing agent.  If two eggs are missed – you can have lice again.
  • One visit treatment featuring Lice Lifters all-natural products
  • We use non-toxic, PESTICIDE FREE products
  • Pediatrician endorsed and school nurse recommended
  • Certified technicians put children and parents at ease
  • Flex and health spending account payments taken

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Lice Lifters Is the Professional Option

Our lice removal clinic is conveniently located near you whether you are in Harrisburg, Hershey, Palmyra, Middletown, Elizabethtown, Mechanicsburg, Lemoyne or Dauphin County. You may have already tried other “solutions” to the problem of head lice and only realized that they don’t work after wasting who knows how much time and money. Luckily for you, you’re convenient to Lice Lifters of Harrisburg, so your family lice removal concerns will soon be a thing of the past.

We pride ourselves on providing a friendly family lice removal environment. Our helpful staff will make an appointment at our lice removal clinic a breeze for you and your children. Our lice technicians start by doing a head check, and once the presence of lice has been established, they begin to treat by removing all live lice and nits.  When completed, the technician will apply an all-natural, non-toxic lice killing agent to the hair and scalp.


An Affordable Head Lice Removal Treatment that Works!

Part of the Lice Lifters difference is that our head lice removal treatment is 99.9 percent effective, backed by a guarantee, and affordable for families. Our treatment methods are also pediatrician endorsed and school nurse recommended. If you are a parent in Hershey, Dauphin County or anywhere in the vicinity, please contact us, so we can handle the lice problem on any of your family members in a single trip, and then you and your children can all be back to enjoying your lives.


Guaranteed Safe
All Natural
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