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Quick Head Lice Treatment For Cumberland County PA Residents

Looking for head lice treatment in Cumberland County PA? Upon finding out that a child of yours might have head lice, you may experience surprise, shock or simply be confused as to how or where they could have picked up this problem. Lice are small, parasitic insects that feed off the blood under the scalp. They’re not able to jump or fly, so they have to crawl from an infested person to someone else. As a parent, you shouldn’t be surprised that your kids are particularly adept at contracting this problem. They are typically playing in close proximity to other children and head-to-head contact may occur at any time.

The first thing you’ll want to know is how to effectively get rid of this problem of removing head lice. Don’t bother with over-the-counter products because lice today have grown immune to the toxins used in them. Home remedies are similarly ineffective and can be so involved that they can seem worse than the lice problem. You should seek out places that get rid of lice and find a qualified salon for lice treatment. A salon lice treatment, such as that offered by our lice treatment center at Lice Lifters of Harrisburg, will offer a quick lice treatment that is effective and affordable.

Benefits of LIce Lifters Head Lice Treatment Centers:

  • Safe, effective and guaranteed
  • Lice Lifters use the Lice Lifters all-natural killing agent
  • Lice Lifters Solution kills 99.9% of live activity
  • Mobile services don’t use a killing agent.  If two eggs are missed – you can have lice again.
  • One visit treatment featuring Lice Lifters all-natural products
  • We use non-toxic, PESTICIDE FREE products
  • Pediatrician endorsed and school nurse recommended
  • Certified technicians put children and parents at ease
  • Flex and health spending account payments taken

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Head Lice Removal Clinic in Cumberland County, PA

Located just outside Harrisburg in Lemoyne, our lice treatment center is close to you if you’re in Mechanicsburg, Camp Hill, Enola, Shippensburg or historic Gettysburg. At Lice Lifters of Harrisburg, we only utilize all-natural lice treatment techniques. You have enough worries in life regarding your kids without having to worry about adverse reactions to chemicals used to treat such a problem. In our salon lice treatment, we utilize a quick lice treatment process that has been proven effective over the years. Stop by the best lice removal company Harrisburg PA has to offer today.


Lice Lifters’ Quick, All-Natural Lice Removal & Treatment Process

The first step in the process is for you to bring any family members you suspect of having lice into our salon for lice treatment. We’ll do a head check to verify if they do actually have lice. Once the presence of lice is determined, we then do a thorough comb-out with the aim of removing as many of the adult lice and their eggs as possible. If only a couple of these eggs, which are known as nits, are missed, however, the problem can start all over again. For this reason, we follow the comb-out with the application of a completely safe, all-natural killing agent that has been found to be 99.9 percent effective at killing lice and their nits.

If you are searching for places that get rid of lice because you suspect a member of your family may have this problem, please contact our salon for lice treatment today. At our lice treatment center for Cumberland County PA residents, we will confidently ascertain if this is their problem, and then we will set about handling it in a single visit. We can also treat all infested family members at once, which means this quick lice treatment saves you time and will have you on your way again without the annoying itching and irritation of this problem.


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