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Safe and Non-Toxic Lice Treatment Solution

Every parent dreads receiving that “note” from their children’s school. The note that says a child has head lice, or worse, your child is the one who is infested. The thought alone is enough to make us go to a lice removal center.

To make matters worse, head lice are extremely contagious. Once the initial shock has worn off, the next thing you know is that you’re rushing to find a safe and non-toxic way to treat head lice.

What are Superlice?

If you thought regular lice was bad, wait until you get have a true understanding of superlice. Superlice have become more common over the past year. You may be wondering “What are superlice?”

Superlice are basically regular lice, but with a twist. Unlike regular head lice, these lice have become very resistant to chemical treatments. This makes it extremely difficult to deal with a head lice infestation.

To eliminate superlice, LiceGuard has developed non-toxic lice treatments that will help many parents fight off these super pests.

Safe and Non-Toxic Lice Treatment from Lice Guard

Thanks to the non-toxic lice removal treatment from LiceGuard, treating head lice has become so much easier. One of their products called Lice and Egg Shampoo can apparently sever the bond between the lice, nits and the hair.

In turn, this makes it easier for parents to comb through and remove these unwanted pests from their child’s hair. There are no toxic chemicals in this product making it safe to use on children.

Another form of non-toxic lice removal treatment is known as the Robicomb. Here’s how it works; it sends out a tiny electrical pulse that kills lice on contact while keeping the child safe. All you have to do is comb through your child’s hair and remove the nits.

Prevent Lice Before They Become a Problem

Lice infestation happen can happen fast. Taking preventative measures, such as using LiceGuard’s Robicomb, will help keep these unwanted pests at bay. Keep in mind that just because you got rid of the lice today doesn’t mean they’re gone for good. It’s up to you to make sure they never infest your child’s hair again.

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