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Keeping Lice At Bay Here’s What You Should Do

Keeping Lice At Bay: Here’s What You Should Do

Head lice infestations are just one of those annoying things you have to worry about if you’re a parent of small children. As the saying goes, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” and this is as true with head lice as with anything else. First, let’s start with some basics.

What Are Head Lice?

In the event you’ve never had to deal with this problem before, the first thing you should know is that head lice are tiny, parasitic insects that thrive in the moist environment under human hair. You’ll find adult lice on the scalp because this is where they feed, and their eggs, or nits, are attached to the base of hair follicles.

It should bring you some comfort to know that lice are not dangerous. They are not known to transmit any diseases. If you’re feeling embarrassed or ashamed about finding lice on one of your children or having it diagnosed by a school nurse, you may also be glad to know that lice do not discriminate. They can find a home on your head or your child’s head regardless of whether you’re rich, poor, black, white, clean or dirty.

One thing that somewhat restrains their ability to spread from one child to another is the fact that they can’t fly or jump, so they primarily spread between people by direct head-to-head contact. For this reason, lice are most common among children since they’re constantly coming into contact whether by playing sports, pushing their heads together to fit in that selfie with friends or just playing in general.

Some Ideas to Help Prevent Head Lice

Tell your children to minimize opportunities for lice to spread. This means trying to avoid situations where their hair will be in contact with another child’s hair.

It’s also possible, although less likely, for your kid to catch lice by sharing an infested person’s hat, helmet, scarf or other clothing items that are worn near or on the head. This also applies for personal hair care items such as combs and brushes. Beyond telling them not to share these items, you should also tell them to hang their coat or jacket up on a separate hook at school or wherever else they go instead of throwing it on a pile with others.

If you have a daughter with long hair, make sure she puts it up or ties it back. Lice are capable of swinging from one strand of hair to another, and this can result in them moving over to another person if people’s hair touches.

Obviously, your kids need to have a social life, so don’t make them so worried about lice that they become a hermit. As stated previously, lice are not dangerous. They are just an annoyance in that their presence can cause itching, redness and irritation as they feed on the blood under your scalp. You’ll be happy to know that there is an effective head lice removal remedy in the event prevention fails.

Effective Head Lice Treatment

If you’re at a loss as to how to handle head lice once you find any of your children may have it, don’t be. For parents in the Harrisburg, Pennsylvania area, you have a fast, effective and affordable head lice removal solution that’s a short drive away. At Lice Lifters of Harrisburg, our lice technicians start with a lice head check to determine if lice are in fact present.

We’ve been helping parents get rid of this problem with our award-winning lice removal service in Harrisburg PA for years. Our compassionate technicians utilize a special lice comb to remove lice and their nits. Any that remain are then killed by the application of our completely safe, all-natural and non-toxic killing solution. Our head lice treatment salon offers a family-friendly environment where we can treat all of your infested family members at once, and we’ll get them lice free in a single visit. If you think anyone in your family has this problem, please give us a call today, so we can arrange your lice head check as soon as possible.

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