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To the Mom Dealing with Head Lice

No parent wants to deal with lice. It’s a scary and stressful situation when you first learn that your child has head lice. You may question how your child got head lice, or you may blame yourself. You keep a clean house, and you ensure your child has good hygiene, but your child has lice. You may feel panic, guilt, or shame. Don’t blame yourself; lice can take up residence in the cleanest of scalps. You do not need to cut your child’s hair. Lice attach to the hair close to the scalp. Even children with very short hair can have lice. There are safe and effective quick lice treatments that can solve your problem.

School-aged children are especially vulnerable to lice because children frequently sit close to their friends. Contrary to a popular myth, lice can’t jump. Lice crawl from one host to another. Lice are parasites and can only survive 36 hours without a host. You don’t need to throw all your stuff away. There are simple ways to clean your home and personal items during lice removal. Lice cannot survive in high heat or freezing temperatures. Put linens in the dryer for thirty minutes to neutralize the lice. Hairbrushes can be placed in plastic bags and stored overnight in the freezer. There are many myths about lice, and it can be beneficial to familiarize yourself

with the truth about lice. Many common home remedies are ineffective and can be stressful for the parent and the child. Don’t waste your time, money, or sanity on ineffective home remedies. It only takes a single louse to cause an infestation quickly.

Lice can be overwhelming to deal with for the first time, and if you accidentally leave a single nit in the hair, the whole infestation can rapidly reoccur. Your best bet for quickly and effectively eliminating lice is to contact a professional lice treatment center. Lice treatment salons have the experts of lice removal and can ensure that the head lice are removed during one visit.

Take a deep breath; this is not your fault! Your child will not have head lice forever. Take appropriate action fast, and soon, head lice will be a thing of the past. Schedule a lice removal service appointment with and rest easy knowing that the professionals will eliminate the lice. Lice Lifters can even remove lice for the whole family if more than one person is affected. Leave the hassle to the professionals and say goodbye to head lice.

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